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Fandom makes me sad
pic: B&W Jared
So I'm fairly sure most of SPN fandom has either seen or read the blog/magazine that more or less rips into and blames Jared for all of Supernatural's faults. Now while I do not agree with the writer of said article, I also do not judge or deny him his opinion. However I was disgusted by the comments and attacks that popped up in the comments section.

I understand that fandom has a bias. There are Samgirls, Deangirls, Casgirls, hell even Bobby and Rufus have their fans. But I do not understand this need to slam an actor in order to make your side look better. Both Jared and Jensen have faults, both have areas in which they are stronger than the others as well as weaker, but to say that one is the reason for the shows decline is stupid. The reason for the shows recent decline is pointed directly at the writers and directors. They are the ones who decide what the storyline is. They are the ones who decide how they want the actors to act in certian manners and ways.. Both Jensen and Jared are simply actors. They are not in charge of storylines and plots.

Its this type of behaviour that makes me ashamed of this fandom at times. I mean we attack the actors because of their charity work, who they marry, their body image, their acting, etc. Hell if I were the J's or Misha I'd tell fandom to fuck off and start blowing off Cons and such.


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